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<b>Name: Heather</b>
<b>Age: 15</b>
<b>Gender: female</b>
<b>Location: vancouver</b>
<b>Tell us something about yourself that will knock our socks off:



<b>Bands: oh DEAR GOD THERE ARE SO MANY. first off: beatles, pumpkins, plastic man, square pusher, bjork, postal service, skinny puppy, OhGr, weakerthans, apc, nin, manson,cect, </b>
<b>Least Favorite Bands: </b>
<b>Books: his dark materials, sweet valley high, sabrina the teenage witch, harry potter, </b>
<b>Movies: </b>
<b>Artists: </b>
<b>Food: rice with curry and lots of veggies and tea, earl grey tea, oh oh oh how i love tea.</b>
<b>Restaurant: the naam or that indian restaurant on </b>
<b>Kind of clothing: anything really except shirt that are too short or spandex.</b>
<b>Clothing Store: i'll go to pretty much anything if i like their clothing</b>
<b>Color: green</b>
<b>Drink: vodka</b>
<b>Place: forest or queen mary</b>


<b>George W. Bush: oh dear on him.  instead, read the bush dyslexicon.</b>
<b>Same Sex Marriages: Definitely for them, it's just.someones.SEXual.orientation</b>
<b>The War in Iraq: i went to the protests and i was really passionate about it but then i became a stoner and didn't really care about things that didn't affect me though i think it's really awful.  the US staging a war just to get the fucking oil.mneregne.</b>
<b>Drugs and Drinking: definitely up for that and i have nothing against them except when they consume someone's life.</b>
<b>Belle & Sebastian: I've heard they're good but I've never listened to them before personally.</b>


<b>How are you indie?: not really as i live with my mother and have no job.  also i mix various styles and don't really stick to one particular.</b>
<b>What is your definition of indie?: independent</b>
<b>Define the term “emo”: emotional</b>
<b>Why should we accept you?: because i'm a mod mothahfucker!</b>
<b>If you could only go to one concert in your life, what would it be?: go to Woodstock on acid :)</b>

<b><I>PICTURES AND SUCH…<u>(If you have them, post as many as you like! If you don’t, no worries, but it would help if you do!)</u></I></b>

<b>Humour us:
Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? fo' drizzle!




<b>Show us a picture of your shoes!:

<b>Pictures of yourself!:

yes, i know, they are incredibly large pictures but i am too lazy to re-size them.


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