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Anneth doesn't like Keegan at all


Name: Amanda
Age: 14
Gender: female
Location: Lewiston, Maine
Tell us something about yourself that will knock our socks off:
*pulls off your socks* OH! ahh well I am emo like woah. I love rainbows. I am bisexual. I hate judgemental people. I am in love with Davey Havok [afi]. Im convinced I was born in the wrong decade. I wear suspenders.


Bands: afi, allister, a static lullaby, something corporate, the beatles, the beachboys. I <3 oldies.

Least Favorite Bands: Good charlotte, Hoobastank, Linkin Park *pukes

Books: Cut and Stargirl

Movies: Grease, the birds, psyco, grind, nightmare before christmas, the ring, excorsist (sp?)

Artists: Vincent Van Gogh...no but anyway..deffinately Davey Havok

Food: cheese (yes i am a weirdo)

Restaurant: 99

Kind of Clothing: I <3 my chucks. And I love band tees.

Clothing Store: pacsun, hot topic, mardens, good will.

Color: black and green

Drink: Hi-c

Place: my bathroom...weird enough.


George W. Bush: Hmm such a gross man. I hate politics..I just dont like him because he is homophobic.

Same Sex Marriages: 100% for them. Love is love and marrige is simply a pledge to spend the rest of your life with someone. I think it should definately be legalized.

The War in Iraq: I dont watch tv and in history class we dont discuss it so I couldn't tell ya.

Drugs and Drinking: I am personally sXe but if someone else does it I have no problems with that.

Belle & Sebastian: Cant say I know what that is...

Morissey: Dont know what that is either.

Michael Jackson: I love his music...not too fond of him as a person. I think he is guilty and should be thrown in jail.

The Streets: ?

Dizzee Rascal: Please dont think I'm a failure, I dont know what this is either.


How are you indie?: I am independant, and myself reguarless.

What is your definition of indie?: indie = independant.

Define the term “emo”: Emo= emotion. One who is very in touch with their emotions and expresses them. It gets me mad when people say that emo people are all depressed, they are just ignorant. Thats completely untrue.

Why should we accept you?: I am indie, Im emo, I want to be accepted, and err.......I wear suspensers? *goofy smile*

If you could only go to one concert in your life, what would it be?: Oh thats easy, definately AFI.

PICTURES AND SUCH…(If you have them, post as many as you like! If you don’t, no worries, but it would help if you do!)
ugh sorry no pictures.

Humour us:

Show us a picture of your shoes!:

Pictures of yourself!:

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