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Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Posted by:alysasherwood.
Time:2:18 am.
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Sunday, February 6th, 2005

Posted by:hannah_licious.
Time:4:47 pm.
Mood: blah.
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Thursday, January 20th, 2005

Posted by:sometimesxixcry.
Time:8:37 pm.
Mood: sick.
um.. nobody ever updates...
im leaving. byebye
love me!

Saturday, January 8th, 2005

Posted by:kaori_suzuki.
Time:1:02 pm.
i'm quitting this community.
love me!

Monday, January 3rd, 2005

Posted by:caff3inat3d.
Time:12:30 am.
love me!

Sunday, January 2nd, 2005

Posted by:jazzy_kumquat.
Time:11:22 pm.
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Subject:Anneth doesn't like Keegan at all
Posted by:xsickofthepainx.
Time:7:50 pm.
Mood: angry.
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Subject:Anneth Doesn't like Keegan at all...
Posted by:sometimesxixcry.
Time:6:18 pm.
Mood: exhausted.

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Saturday, January 1st, 2005

Subject:im a little bit loony
Posted by:kaori_suzuki.
Time:8:45 am.
Mood: embarrassed.


Name: hi my name is hani pronounced hAni like bunny but change that u to a short a and say my name quickly it shound come out like hAni and yep thats perfect.
Age: i am 13 years old.
Gender: im a female.
Location: vancouver
Tell us something about yourself that will knock our socks off: i dont own a pair of chucks and i dont plan to.


Bands: fuck you, dont even get me started. these are my very, very favorites of the moment. black flag, minor threat, siouxsie and the banshees, led zeppelin, crass, necromantix, black sabbath, christian death, nirvana, subhumans, surf punks, the cure, the misfits, the pixies, yeah yeah yeahs? from the top of me head, and i swear they're not in order.
Least Favorite Bands: i dont know, this would take me ages to fill up; i cant think of any anyway.
Books: ohh fuck this is hard. you see, i read a bunch of these beautiful books and i never really remember the names of the books. i'd have to say the dictionary. specifically speaking, my good friend named oxford american dictionary? well, i read this short story once, i love short stories, the story i liked most was about a lady who lost her baby, a miscarriage i think, and her fetus is alive and she has to let the embryo girl go to explore the world when she comes to age........... i remember the story being really freaking good, it made me cry and stuff i never cry. yeah. awesome story, i'll give you $5 if you find me the name of the book that the stories in.
Movies: may, dawn of the dead, resident evil and the sequel, grave of the fireflies, moulin rouge; thats only from the top of my head.. i cant remember them all.
Artists: my man kfp. (?) i cant think of any names, i could say andy warhol, but i dont know hes not really my favorite.
Food: like this question isnt even funny. thai food, noodles, tofu, bananas. i loooooooooooove bananas. and haagen dauz ice cream. seriously i fucking told you, this question isnt even fucking funny.
Restaurant: heheheheh thai away home on cambie :P cheap, yummy, and they give you a LOT.
Kind of clothing: oh fuck dont get me started on this!!!! okay i'd love to have a pair of parachute pants, you know those ones that mc hammer wore, disgusting eh? like it's all so freaking generic its cool. i love what michael jackson used to wear back in the 80s, the thriller outfit and everything, i love my sparkly purple hat, i'd wear it much more often if i looked good in it, i like hoodies and fuck, i love i freaking LOVE baggy pants, everybody looks soooooo good in those, and stupid t shirts and jeans and everything rainbow, anything cute and fluffy and furry, like my new furry boots i got for $12, anything cheap and ugly, i love helmets, skanky clothes, short shorts, ripped clothes, stuffed toy backpacks, cargo pants, suspenders, neckties, buttons, and i dont own a pair of chucks., scarves (even though i never wear them), ugly sunglasses, agh i'll shut up now.
Clothing Store: thrift stores!!!!!!! salvation army and value village ALL THE WAY!
Color: yellow and the rainbow
Drink: blood heheheheheh hahahhaahhaha! im going to be honest with you, i fucking adore banana milk :(
Place: to tell you the fucking truth, i fucking love my school. ideal. best place ever.


George W. Bush: i dont hate him, i just think hes a terrible president. he'd be way better off back in texas having fun
Same Sex Marriages: on top of that, multiple overlapping polysexual marriages are awesome too!
The War in Iraq: what kind of shit question is this? of course everybodys freaking against it!
Drugs and Drinking: fine with me, i mean if you want to do it, then go ahead, just try not to ruin other peoples lives. i think if people looked at it from a more positive kind of view, then maybe drugs and drinking can actually be good, like finding you explore yourself and help find who you are.
Belle & Sebastian: i hear everybody say belle and sebatian is freaking awesome, i heard one or two songs by them and i hated it.
Morissey: what is there to say about morissey other than he was great?
Michael Jackson: you know if those kids enjoyed it and he didnt force them to do something they dont want them to, then its fucking fine.
The Streets: one of the finest cockney accents i've ever heard.
Dizzee Rascal: there was a time, when i used to try to make me voice sound like dizzee. i think i still remember the lyrics to fix up look sharp.


How are you indie?: okay its like this, "How are you punk rock?" you answer and you get called a poser for living up to peoples "punk rock" expectations. maybe im indie because im dont exactly fit into any social group or clique or category other than "insane" (jesus i just read my whole application; and well, im going to be a terrible non-indie mod!)
What is your definition of indie?: the stereotypical indie definition
Define the term "emo”: the stereotypical emo definition
Why should we accept you?: because im not indie, emo, or punk rock
If you could only go to one concert in your life, what would it be?: fuck you

PICTURES AND SUCH…(If you have them, post as many as you like! If you don’t, no worries, but it would help if you do!)

Humour us:


Show us a picture of your shoes!:

Pictures of yourself!:

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

Posted by:depreciate.
Time:11:32 pm.
Mood: hyper.


<b>Name: Heather</b>
<b>Age: 15</b>
<b>Gender: female</b>
<b>Location: vancouver</b>
<b>Tell us something about yourself that will knock our socks off:



<b>Bands: oh DEAR GOD THERE ARE SO MANY. first off: beatles, pumpkins, plastic man, square pusher, bjork, postal service, skinny puppy, OhGr, weakerthans, apc, nin, manson,cect, </b>
<b>Least Favorite Bands: </b>
<b>Books: his dark materials, sweet valley high, sabrina the teenage witch, harry potter, </b>
<b>Movies: </b>
<b>Artists: </b>
<b>Food: rice with curry and lots of veggies and tea, earl grey tea, oh oh oh how i love tea.</b>
<b>Restaurant: the naam or that indian restaurant on </b>
<b>Kind of clothing: anything really except shirt that are too short or spandex.</b>
<b>Clothing Store: i'll go to pretty much anything if i like their clothing</b>
<b>Color: green</b>
<b>Drink: vodka</b>
<b>Place: forest or queen mary</b>


<b>George W. Bush: oh dear god.donoteven.GET.me.started on him.  instead, read the bush dyslexicon.</b>
<b>Same Sex Marriages: Definitely for them, it's just.someones.SEXual.orientation</b>
<b>The War in Iraq: i went to the protests and i was really passionate about it but then i became a stoner and didn't really care about things that didn't affect me though i think it's really awful.  the US staging a war just to get the fucking oil.mneregne.</b>
<b>Drugs and Drinking: definitely up for that and i have nothing against them except when they consume someone's life.</b>
<b>Belle & Sebastian: I've heard they're good but I've never listened to them before personally.</b>


<b>How are you indie?: not really as i live with my mother and have no job.  also i mix various styles and don't really stick to one particular.</b>
<b>What is your definition of indie?: independent</b>
<b>Define the term “emo”: emotional</b>
<b>Why should we accept you?: because i'm a mod mothahfucker!</b>
<b>If you could only go to one concert in your life, what would it be?: go to Woodstock on acid :)</b>

<b><I>PICTURES AND SUCH…<u>(If you have them, post as many as you like! If you don’t, no worries, but it would help if you do!)</u></I></b>

<b>Humour us:
Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? fo' drizzle!




<b>Show us a picture of your shoes!:

<b>Pictures of yourself!:

yes, i know, they are incredibly large pictures but i am too lazy to re-size them.


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Posted by:jazzy_kumquat.
Time:11:32 pm.
Love the mods like the mods love you!
love me!

Posted by:downinthevalley.
Time:11:27 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Well, this community has officially started up.

This community was started for people who love music, especially music of the indie and alt. rock persuasion, not to mention 80's goth music!

If you become a member, you can alert people of bands, or put in concert listings.


We love you!
love me!

LiveJournal for do you remember what the music meant?.

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